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Can Diabetics have Chocolate?

If you have diabetes, does not mean you cannot eat things you like,such as chocolate. The only catch is that you probably cannot consume it in the quantity you crave.

In fact some types of chocolate, such as dark chocolate, might even have health benefits, when consumed in moderation.

Dark chocolate is known to be rich in polyphenols, a plant substances that act as an antioxidant which might help prevent heart disease and lower blood glucose levels.

The difference between dark, white and milk chocolate:

Dark chocolate is the closest to original chocolate. Percentages such as 35% and 78% etc represent the amount of cacao powder and cacao butter present. The higher the percentage the darker, more pure and less sweet the bean.

White chocolate is basically the fatty and oily part of the cacao bean which is mixed with sugar and milk. Whereas, milk chocolate is made with cacao solids along with sugar and milk or condensed milk.

Health benefits only apply to DARK chocolate! The higher its percentage the better the benefits.

How is dark chocolate good for you?

Dark chocolate is an excellent source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are known to prevent damage caused by oxidative stress. It is believed that diabetes disorders are a result of chronic oxidative stress.

The flavanols that are present is dark chocolate can stimulate blood vessels and can in turn lower blood pressure and improve the blood flow.

Another benefits of dark chocolate is that it is known to increase good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol. This way it lowers the risk of heart diseases.

Dark chocolate as per a few studies has also been known to improve memory.

As per studies, a major benefit of dark chocolate is that it can reduce insulin resistance.

In a study ( source:Diabetes council), a comparison was made between white and 70% dark chocolate.

1.7 ounces of dark chocolate consumption for 15 days had lowering effects on blood sugar levels.

What to keep in mind when consuming?

As said in the beginning, moderation is key. There is no commonly known dosage for dark chocolate. But you need to keep in mind that dark chocolate contains a lot of calories and moderate amounts of sugar.

Make sure to include dark chocolate in you carb count in diet chart for diabetics. Keep a track of your blood sugar levels with a glucometer.


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