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Frequently Asked Questions About ABBOTT FreeStyle Libre

Frequently Asked Questions About ABBOTT FreeStyle Libre

Abbott FreeStyle Libre was recently launched in India with an aim to give millions of Indians access to high-quality, accurate and pain-free diabetes. While we all are aware that the process is pain-free, there might be various questions going in a person’s mind about its function, accuracy, and process.

Here are top 5 frequently asked questions about Abbott LibreStyle Pro:

  • How does the FreeStyle Libre system work? 

To acquire a glucose reading, one can simply scan the reader over the sensor in a second. This simple output gives you more data than a blood glucose test without the requirement for routine finger pricks. The FreeStyle Libre system also offers programming to produce compact reports that are resulted from your glucose information.

  • Is FreeStyle Libre precise? 

The FreeStyle Libre system is clinically demonstrated to be precise, steady and reliable more than 14 days contrasted with blood glucose testing without the requirement for finger prick alignment, in grown-up and pediatric patients. Additionally, FreeStyle Libre is clinically demonstrated to show an exceptional precision in the low glucose range. 

  • Will the FreeStyle Libre System be used by kids? 

The FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System is shown for measuring interstitial liquid glucose levels in individuals (age 4 and above) with diabetes mellitus. The sign for youngsters (age 4 – 12) is restricted to the individuals who are supervised by a parental figure who is at least 18 years old.  

  • Do I need a different blood glucose meter when utilizing the FreeStyle Libre system? 

No. For convenience, there is an implicit FreeStyle Optium blood glucose and ketone meter inside the reader that can be utilized for blood glucose and ketone readings. 

  • Is interstitial liquid a sufficient substitution to blood glucose testing? 

Interstitial liquid based glucose readings are a reliable indicator of blood glucose levels. The physiological slack in ISF glucose, regarding changes in blood glucose, is around 5-10 minutes. Whereas the normal slack season of the FreeStyle Libre system is around 5 minutes, which is probably not going to affect daily treatment decisions.

Studies have shown that higher scanning frequency of the technology has resulted in significant improvement of blood sugar and helps individuals reach optimal sugar range. Abbott FreeStyle Libre is now available on BeatO app, so go order now!

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