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In A Nutshell – Nuts That Should Be a Part of your Daily Diabetic Diet

A healthy diabetic diet must consist of all essential nutrients and calculated calories and carbohydrates in order to ensure you don’t overload.

Research suggests that two servings of tree nuts (approximately 50-60 grams) lowers and stabilizes blood sugar level in people with Type 2 Diabetes.

Here is a list of nuts along with their nutrients and the benefits they have when included in the food to control Diabetes.

BeatO recommends a handful of 6 almonds, 3 pistachios and 2 walnuts a day as part of your diabetic food plan. Toss them in your salad or eat a fistful on your way to work. So what really makes the food for diabetic patient go nuts? Well, let us find out what the following nuts have to offer?

1) Almonds
Nutrients – Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin E
Benefits – Lowering cholesterol, reduce risk of heart diseases, protects from different types of cancer and healthy bones.

2) Pistachios
Nutrients – Anti-oxidants, Minerals, Vitamins, and Protein.
Benefits – Lowering bad LDL cholesterol and increase good HDL cholesterol levels. Reduce risk of heart diseases and stroke by building a healthy lipid profile.

3) Walnuts
Nutrients – Alpha-Linolenic Acid and Omega-3 fats, along with high amounts of Copper, Manganese, Molybdenum, and Biotin.
Benefits – Improved blood vessel function, blood lipids and cholesterol profile thereby reducing risk of heart disease. Studies also suggest walnuts reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes in women and helps in reducing insulin resistance in both genders.

4) Cashew nuts
Nutrients – Iron, Zinc and Potassium and Anti-oxidants. Cashews have high protein and carb content and good fats.
Benefits – Reduces blood pressure, antioxidants protects against cataracts ( in eyes). Helps form and utilize blood cells thereby improving immunity, nerves and healthy bones.

5) Hazelnuts
Nutrients – Vitamin E, complex carbs, healthy monosaturated fats, Vitamin B – Biotin, iron and calcium. Contain no cholestrol but are high in calories. They also contain flavnoids
Benefits – Lowers cholestrol and risk of cancer. Biotin improves hair, skin and nails. Flavnoids may improve brain health, improve circulation and reduce allergies. Minerals improve blood pressure count.

6) Peanuts – Not really a nut but actually a part of the legume family
Nutrients – Low Glycemic index, Magnesium, High in Protein, Healthy Fats and Antioxidants.
Benefits – Don’t spike blood sugar levels, protects heart and blood vessels.

7) Brazil Nuts
Nutrients – High in calories (two nuts = calories of an egg), Healthy Fatty Acids and reliable source of Selenium.
Benefits – Just one Brazil nut has shown to lower the risk of heart disease and cancer, and also play a role in reducing allergies and inflammation.

8) Macadamia Nuts
Nutrients – Very good source of Magnesium and healthy fats. They are also highest in calories compared to other nuts.
Benefits – Lowers bad cholestrol and blood pressure. Protects cells from free- radical damage and reducing risk of different types of cancer. Magnesium content also helps on sex- hormone formation.

9) Pine nuts
Nutrients – Rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids, Vitamin E, Gluten Free, B-complex and minerals such as Manganese, Potassium, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc and Selenium. High in calories.
Benefits – Lowers bad cholestrol therefore reduces risk of heart diesease. Anti- aging antioxidants and boost energy levels. Pine nuts are also good for eyes.

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