Make this Diwali Delicious with Sugar-Free Diabetes Food

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Preparations for Diwali begin months in advance in order to ensure your home sweet home looks at its best when the festival of light arrives in all its glory. But think about it, even before your home, isn’t your body the real place where you live? While all of us work day and night to deck up our homes, are we really preparing our bodies to greet the festivities with ease?

This question becomes even more relevant if you are living with diabetes. Being diagnosed with diabetes is a life-changing phase and can expose you to unwanted health complications. But since festivals are a time to rejoice and celebrate, you can’t let diabetes spoil the mood. So don’t fret as you no longer have to go around looking for food for diabetics, sugar-free delights as we bring you a detailed guide on how you can make them at home yourself.

Sugar-Free Date Rolls
Being full of nutrients, dates are naturally sweet. Although not advisable to be eaten in large quantities by diabetics, they are certainly far better than those sugar-laden sweets.

Simply cook finely chopped dates in ghee till they turn into soft lumps. Remove from the heat and mix and stir finely chopped nuts with the dates. Roll the dates and nuts mixture into rolls, coat each roll with poppy seeds, freeze them to set, and enjoy!

Chocolate Milk Peda
Boil 4 cups milk and stir on low flame till it reduces to half. Add citric acid, cocoa powder, sweetener, and corn flour and stir till the milk starts to thicken. Allow it to cool once the milk becomes doughy. Shape the dough into small balls and garnish with nuts. Enjoy this treat for diabetics and weight-watchers.

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While you can prepare many such easy-to-make foods for diabetic patients, making them at home has loads of added advantages too. But do not forget to watch your diabetes regime, especially during Diwali celebrations. Here are some quick tips:

  • Stay well hydrated and snack healthy and regularly throughout the day to keep your blood sugar levels under control.
  • Exercise regularly even if your hectic schedule during Diwali leaves no room. Physical workouts, even for 30 minutes a day, will do wonders in your diabetes management efforts and won’t let the festive exertion take a toll on your blood sugar levels.
  • Diligently monitor your blood sugar levels. During festivals, when you eat foods you normally wouldn’t have, this acts as a key to test how well you are coping with the change in diabetic food and regime.

When you prepare delicacies on your own, you know exactly what goes into it. So let go of the apprehension of reading the food labels and being unsure of the ingredients and their nutritional values.
Have a sweet and savory Diwali!

Follow our Tips to make this Diwali delicious with sugar-free Diabetes food today.

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