Is Jaggery Good for People with Diabetes?
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Is Jaggery Good for People with Diabetes?


The traditional sweetener used in many Asian and African nations is jaggery, often known as Gur. Dietitians frequently advise substituting jaggery for sugar in desserts, since it is thought to be a better option than refined sugar. This is due to the sweetener’s unrefined nature, which allows it to retain more nutrients than refined sugar. However, is jaggery good for people with diabetes? Keep reading to find out!

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Jaggery is made by using either date palms or sugarcane. Raw sugarcane juice or date palm sap is traditionally boiled in big, shallow pots to make jaggery.

Advantages of Jaggery

Jaggery provides a multitude of health advantages, including the ability to control blood pressure because it contains iron. It also improves digestion and helps fight oxidative stress. Because of this, our elders advise us to eat jaggery after meals. The optimum diet for diabetics, however, comprises low-glycemic index items. Because of jaggery’s extremely high glycemic index, it is not recommended for people with diabetes to take jaggery.

Can Jaggery Raise Blood Sugar Levels?

Yes, sugar levels might rise when using jaggery or Gud. Due to its high glycemic index, jaggery may not be a viable choice for people with diabetes. The figure is high enough to be regarded as harmful for a person with diabetes to consume, even if it may not be as high as that of direct sugar and glucose. The bloodstream absorbs it quickly.

Since jaggery has a very high glycemic index, it is not suggested that diabetics to include jaggery in their diet. People with diabetes must generally avoid eating anything sweet, even desserts, because controlling their blood sugar levels requires completely suppressing their sweet tooth.

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Are Sugar and Jaggery Equally Harmful?

Eating jaggery and sugar both have a slight effect on your blood sugar levels. Many people believe that substituting jaggery for sugar will help them maintain a healthy blood sugar level. However, this is untrue. Jaggery includes sucrose, which elevates blood sugar levels when it is absorbed by our bodies despite being complex. That implies that it is just as hazardous as other sugars.

Jaggery can be used in place of sugar by those without diabetes. This is a sensible decision for them. For diabetics, doctors advise a low Glycemic Index diet. Jaggery is therefore not an option for them to eat.

In view of this, jaggery may be used in place of white sugar if you are in excellent health and don’t have any blood sugar issues. However, you must completely avoid jaggery if you have diabetes.

Still unsure, talk to a diabetes specialist and find out what’s best for you!

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