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Renu G.- “My HbA1c dropped from 11% to 7% with BeatO.”

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Renu Gupta - BeatO Unbeatables

41 years, Bangalore
Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

At 41 years old, Renu Gupta resides in Bangalore with her family. She oversees the workings of her own general store, dedicating the majority of her time to its management. Amidst her professional commitments, she gracefully handles her familial responsibilities and household chores. However, her life took an unexpected turn in 2014 with the diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes.

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She shared her initial experience with us,Shuruwat me mujhe diabetes me baare me koi knowledge nahi thi. Mujhe yeh Youtube or Facebook ke through pata chala ki mujhe diabetes ki wajah se kidney ya heart complications bhi ho sakti hai.”

Early Diagnosis And Treatment

Ten years ago, during my second pregnancy, I underwent a diabetes test, revealing a my blood sugar level of 350 mg/dL. It was then that I received the diagnosis of diabetes. It was concerning not only for but also for my family members. We worried about how it could affect the health of the baby.

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She consulted her local doctor and in a short span of time, she was asked to be on insulin. She shared, “Baar baar insulin lene me kafi dard hota tha aur har baar doctor ko consult karne me mere 2000-3000 rupaye lag jate the.”

Introduction To BeatO Diabetes Care Program

After doing some online reserach, she joined the BeatO Diabetes Care Program in January 2022. She diligently adhered to all the suggestions given by her health coach and doctor. Initially, it was a little tough to accommodate the changes, but with the right grit and determination, she successfully adopted a new lifestyle.

Health Coach Feedback

Her health coach Pragya Mandal shared her treatment plan with us.

“Previously, Mrs. Gupta’s meal choices and timings were not aligned with her diabetes goals. To address this, I conduct weekly follow-up sessions with her to ensure adherence to a more optimal diet plan. Her diet plan was suited to both her taste and routine. As a part of these discussions, I recommended simple dietary modifications, such as replacing refined flour with whole wheat flour. I also asked her to add more fibre and vegetables to her diet.”

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“Given her busy schedule, Mrs. Gupta faces challenges in incorporating physical activity into her routine. In response to that, I advised her to take out 30-40 minutes each day for a brisk walk, which can significantly contribute to stabilizing her sugar levels.”

Doctor Feedback

Mrs. Renu Gupta takes regular doctor consultations as a part of her program. Dr. Amit Kumar Gupta, her diabetologist, elaborates on her treatment journey, stating, ‘Upon initiation of Mrs. Gupta’s treatment plan, we implemented a heavy medicine dosage to effectively manage her blood sugar levels. With consistent monitoring and adjustments, we have successfully reduced her medication over time. Additionally, Mrs. Gupta has achieved significant improvement in alleviating the tingling sensation in her legs. Along with her sugar levels, her stress levels are also now under control.'”

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Impact On My Diabetes Markers

She is extremely delighted with her results and shared her feedback with us, “Care Program par aane se pehle mujhe seedi chadne me bhi kafi takleef hoti thi aur meri saans fool jati thi. Ab mujhe woh problem nahi hoti. Doctor Amit Gupta ne joh medicines prescribe kari hai unse mujhe kafi farak pada hai.”

Not only has she seen an improvement in her diabetes markers, she has also reduced her medication dosage.

Fasting Reading200 mg/dL110 mg/dL
Post-Meal Reading350 mg/dL180 mg/dL

Why BeatO?

“Meri saari prescribed medicines care program me included hai. Pehle mera diabetes ka kharcha kafi zyada rehta tha. Har baar mera dawai aur doctor ka kharcha 4000-5000 ho jata tha. BeatO ke sath mera mahine ka kharcha kafi kam ho gaya hai. Mujhe BeatO ab meri family ka hissa lagta hai.”

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Her story brings about a significant issue prevalent among Indians concerning diabetes. Often, reliance on people’s opinions and online sources overshadows the trust in medical professionals. However, misinformation poses a greater threat than lack of information itself. That’s where the BeatO Diabetes Care Program steps in, offering a reliable resource to keep individuals informed about their condition and empower them to prioritise their health effectively.

Searching for the best diabetes clinics near your place, maybe you should try out BeatO, a cost-effective solution for your healthcare needs.

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