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Benefits of Bhindi For Diabetes Patients


Nutritionists are talking about the benefits of bhindi for diabetes patients. It has been recommended to help in the management of blood sugar in case of type 1, type 2 & gestational diabetes.

Okra, also called “lady’s finger,” or “bhindi” is a green flowering plant. It basically belongs to the same plant family as cotton & hibiscus. The word “okra” most frequently denotes the edible seed pods of the plant.

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This vegetable has long been preferred as food for health-conscious people as it contains: vitamin C, calcium, folic acid, potassium and vitamin B. It is high in fibre content and lower in calories. Lately, a new benefit of including ladyfinger in your diet is being considered.

Ladies’ fingers are a healthy green vegetable. It has several health benefits due to its superior fibre and mucilage content. These properties of ladyfinger regulate the blood sugar level in a diabetic patient by controlling the rate at which blood glucose is absorbed from his intestinal tract.

This anti-diabetic activity of ladyfinger is proved both in Vivo (animal) & Vitro (Laboratory) studies. Both the analyses published in scientific journals displayed a steady decrease in blood sugar levels with regular feeding of ladyfinger.

bhindi for diabetes

Benefits of Bhindi for Diabetes

Ladyfinger having anti-Diabetic properties has been boosted in recent years with numerous studies confirming this as a potent blood sugar-lowering (or Anti-Diabetic) food. When dried & ground okra peels & seeds are taken, they reduce the blood sugar levels. Several individuals suffering from diabetes have reported a decrease in the blood glucose levels after soaking, cut-up lady’s finger pieces in water overnight & then consuming the juice in the morning, while in Turkey roasted ladyfinger seeds are used as a traditional diabetes medicine for generations.


The superior insoluble fibre contained in ladyfinger is believed to assist in stabilising the blood sugar level by reducing the speed of sugar absorption from the intestinal tract. There are other health benefits of this vegetable as well, such as:

  • Rich in vitamins, minerals & antioxidants
  • Helps in improving & preventing constipation
  • Lowers the cholesterol levels in an individual
  • Reduce the risk of various types of can

cer, particularly colorectal cancer

  • Helps in treating ulcers, sore throat, depression & lung inflammation
  • Improves the energy levels in the body
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    Well, if you are diagnosed with diabetes and are taking medications for it; then it is always advisable to check with your doctor if you plan to opt for or add bhindi as a natural remedy to reduce your blood sugar levels. Besides this, constantly monitor your blood sugar levels using a glucometer.

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