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Fats & Diabetes: Reasons Why People With Diabetes Need to Eat Fat

Living with diabetes has been known to demand a disciplined food for diabetics and lifestyle regime. The popular belief of excluding fatty foods from a diabetic diet is widely followed by diabetics across the world. But it is time to think again as recent studies suggest including fats in your diabetic diet is essential for healthy blood sugar levels. The …

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Diabetic Diet: 7 Best Calcium Rich Foods for Diabetic Patients

India has been labeled as the diabetes capital of the world for a reason – with increasing number of diabetes cases being reported every single day due to health factors ignored by majority of the population and lack of knowledge about diet for diabetes. The following lifestyle drawbacks are glaring in front of Indians but they are not taking action …

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Why is Vegetarian Diet Plan So Famous for Managing Gestational Diabetes?

What is gestational diabetes? Gestational diabetes is the glucose intolerance with onset or first recognition of pregnancy. This condition usually fades away after the delivery of the child. But, if uncared for can affect your pregnancy and the baby’s health. In some cases this can even lead to Type 2 Diabetes in future. Gestational Diabetes Symptoms: In most cases this …

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Enjoy Eid Savories Even When Diabetic

Eid is a time when high-sugar foods and beverages become central to the celebrations. If a diabetic person overloads the system with these kinds of food, it can result in high blood sugar and can cause serious health complications. People with diabetes, especially type 1, have to exercise restraint when consuming celebratory sweets and snacks during Eid. The risk of …

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Diet For Diabetes: What To Eat To Maintain A Good Glycemic Control?

“Rita was training to be a Diabetes Educator and was learning from the best Endocrinologists in town. Her quest for knowledge included thorough research and learning new terminologies from latest medical journals. Glycemic Control was a novice subject that she was excited to explore. Recent updates from American Diabetes Association, informed Rita that Glycemic Control is the continuous management of …

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Diet For Diabetes: Should I Avoid Instant Foods?

In this fast paced world, instant foods have taken prominent space in the kitchen shelf. Easy to cook, quick fix solution and all-in- a-box meal has made instant foods popular. Diabetes is a chronic condition that requires holistic eating. The food that one eats plays immediate role on the blood glucose levels in case of diabetes. A diabetes diet is …

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