Fats for Diabetes: Reasons Why Fat is Good for You
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Fats for Diabetes: Reasons Why Fat is Good for You

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Living with diabetes has been known to demand disciplined food for diabetics and lifestyle regimes. The popular belief of excluding fatty foods from a diabetic diet is widely followed by diabetics across the world. But it is time to think again, as recent studies suggest, including fats in your diabetic diet is essential for healthy blood sugar levels. In this article, check out the list of best fats for diabetes patients.

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The study researched both saturated and unsaturated fats along with omega 3 versus omega 6 oils and of course trans fats as part of the food for diabetics. Let us take a look at the major findings with respect to the healthy fats diabetics can eat in their diabetic food.

unhealthy fats for diabetes

Unhealthy Fats for Diabetes

  • Saturated Fats: As part of the diabetic patient diet, these fats are known to raise blood cholesterol levels. Hence, saturated fats must be consumed in limit as cholesterol directly affects heart health, which is at a risk among diabetics.
  • Trans-Fats: Trans-fats are worse than saturated ones as they are produced when liquid oil is made into a solid fat through hydrogenation. These cause spikes in your cholesterol levels and must be consumed as little as possible. These are listed on the label, making it easier to identify the products containing them.
  • Cholesterol: Your body makes some of the cholesterol in your blood. The rest comes from the food for diabetic patients that you eat. Foods from animals are sources of dietary cholesterol and must be taken in limited quantities in your diet plan for diabetes.

Healthy Fats That Can Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

  • Monounsaturated Fats: Monounsaturated fats are called “good or healthy” fats because they can lower your bad (LDL) cholesterol. Eating more of these fats is highly recommended for diabetics.
  • Polyunsaturated Fats: Again a healthy category of fats, these are included in healthy diets for diabetes and can serve as a healthy replacement for saturated fats.
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Omega-3 fatty acids help prevent clogging of the arteries. Some types of fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids and must be included in diets for diabetes.

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Importance of Fats for Diabetes Patients

  1. Fats are satiating and help you feel full for long. This way you are bound to consume fewer carbs, again a great thing for diabetics.
  2. Fat slows the absorption of carbohydrates into the bloodstream, thus promoting blood sugar stabilization.
  3. Vitamins A, D, E and K all need fat for their absorption into the body. Without fat, we don’t get the benefit of these powerful nutrients.
  4. Fat is essential for nerve health as it supports the myelin sheath, which helps your brain make sense of the many messages it receives daily.
  5. Fats are essential to balance hormones in both men and women. Balanced hormones lead to emotional stability, controlled appetite and decreased cravings along with consistently high energy levels.


Quantities of Fat to be Consumed for Healthy Blood Sugars

Having diabetes calls for a healthy diet plan for the diabetic patient, which must include fats. For most people with diabetes, a good starting point is having two to three tablespoons of fat every single time you eat. One can sauté veggies in coconut oil to enjoy the benefits of healthy fats.

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Types of Fats to be Eaten

Opt for healthier fats for diabetics like avocados, butter, coconut oil, olive oil, nuts, seeds, cheese, olives, coconut milk (the canned kind), heavy cream, nut butter, coconut cream, and fat from organic, grass-fed meat.

Diabetics must avoid processed fat sources like canola oil, corn oil, soybean oil, safflower oil, sesame seed oil, cottonseed oil, vegetable oil, shortening and margarine.

Living with diabetes calls for regular blood sugar tests and consulting your diabetes doctor as well as a nutritionist. Buy a glucometer online and check the prices too. Use the best glucometer to take readings and ask your doctor before including fats in your diet.

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