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Paleo Diet for Diabetes and Heart Disease

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It has been found that the Paleo Diet can greatly help in losing weight and lowering down the risk of diabetes and heart related diseases. The Paleo diet comprises eggs, fish, lean meat, nuts and berries, vegetables, fruits, olive oil and avocado. The diet excludes the intake of cereals, dairy products, extra salt and refined fats and sugar. It therefore is considered to be a healthy diet for diabetic patients as well as for the people with heart troubles.

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How is the Paleo Diet Beneficial for Diabetes?

How is the Paleo Diet Beneficial for Diabetes?

A Paleo diet is known to benefit a large number of people with diabetes. You do not have to make any particular modifications to make it work, it is just a matter of a few changes in your diet to turn it amazingly therapeutic for diabetes as well as heart-related diseases.

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Here is how to control diabetes:

Limiting the intake of High GI foods

Restricting or giving up on every type of fruit that is considered to have a higher-glycemic index, counting dried fruit like dried figs, dried apricots, raisins, etc Pineapple, watermelon, and mango can greatly help.

Substituting Freshly Cooked Potatoes

Substituting the freshly-cooked potatoes with the potatoes that have been cooked sometime back and then cooled down is very beneficial. This is due to the fact that the cooling practice raises their anti-starch content and brings down their glycemic index. So, make them a part of your diabetic diet.

Eat Foods with Naturally Occurring Starch

Eating foods that contain naturally occurring sugar or starch along with foods that have an acidic constituent like lemon, vinegar, or salsa or foods that have good fiber content such as leafy greens salad, helps you with the glycemic response. So, add them to your diet chart for diabetes.

Using Natural Sweeteners

Limiting the intake of less refined sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup, and molasses or bringing them to use at the minimum can be of great help. Use natural sweeteners like dates or jaggery in preparing diabetic diet recipes or diabetes snacks.

Consuming Fiber – Rich Foods

Realizing the importance of foods rich in fiber, emphasizing the intake of proteins, and nutrient-laden sources of fat can greatly help you escape the raised blood sugar and insulin spikes and maintain constant blood sugar levels throughout the day.

Lifestyle Choices Along with The Paleo Diet

Bearing in mind the factors that aid in insulin sensitivity, like getting enough sleep, not keeping yourself stressed, and keeping yourself engaged in daily exercise can help you escape heart diseases and help in diabetes management effectively.

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When you include these Paleo-type diet tips into your diet plan for diabetes, it becomes possible and simple to deal with, definitely improve, or even turn around type 2 diabetes and can lead to diabetes weight loss.

Besides this, you will also be able to control type 1 diabetes. You also need to keep a track of your diabetes with the help of aglucometeror you can also get a diabetes management app for your phone to get going with diabetes.

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