Papaya and Peach Curd Smoothie

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As the summer season is approaching, you want to have something chilled, fruity and healthy. What could be better than a curd smoothie with your favorite fruits in it. To satiate your cravings for something sweet, healthy and diabetes friendly, we have a papaya and peach curd smoothie recipe for you.

Curd has a low glycemic index which makes it suitable for diabetes. It contains a high amount of calcium, potassium and protein, and a low amount of carbs. Papaya and peach are also suitable for people with diabetes.

How to Prepare Papaya and Peach Curd Smoothie:


  1. ½ Cup Papaya
  2. ½ Cup Peach
  3. 1 ½ Cup Hung Curd
  4. Cinnamon- to taste
  5. Honey- to taste

Papaya and peach curd smoothie


  1. In a blender add papaya, peach and any other fruit of choice.
  2. Run it once.
  3. Now add the hung curd.
  4. Add a bit of cinnamon powder.
  5. Run the blender again.
  6. Add honey as per taste and run it one last time.
  7. Serve chilled.

Consuming the right diet is imperative when it comes to managing your sugar levels. Also, you should not forget to have a regular workout regime. Follow all the recommendations given by your health coach and keep monitoring your sugar levels on a regular basis, using a glucometer.

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