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Unbeatables | Ashutosh Verma | “My HbA1c dropped from 13.5% to 5.3% with BeatO.”

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BeatO unbeatables - Ashutosh Verma

28 years old, Uttar Pradesh
Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes

Ashutosh Mehra, a 28-year-old resident of Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, manages his own mobile store. This business requires him to spend extended hours seated each day. In 2020, Ashutosh was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, a condition that necessitates careful and continuous management. Despite these challenges, he remains dedicated to his work, ensuring his store runs smoothly while battling this chronic condition.

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Early Diagnosis And Treatment

“In 2020, I experienced a sudden weight loss. Along with that I was also facing frequent thirst and frequent urination. Me and my family were both quite scared. I decided to get myself tested and my sugar levels came out to be alarmingly high.”

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After hearing the frightening news of his diagnosis, he decided to seek immediate treatment. He recalls his experience, he says, “Maine apne local doctor ko dikhaya. Unhone ne mujhe insulin lene ko bola. Mera sugar toda time normal raha toh maine uske baad treatment lena band kar diya. Lekin mere weight me koi farak nahi aa raha tha.”

Introduction To BeatO Diabetes Care Program

He was scrolling through social media one day when he discovered BeatO. I learnt that a lot of people had been able to successfully control diabetes with their program. I did a lot of research about the features they were offering and I finally joined the BeatO Diabetes Care Program in October 2023.

“Mujhe meetha aur fried khana bilkul kam karne ko bola gaya. Pehle main kafi bahar se khana khata tha, woh sab bhi mujhe kam karne ko bola gaya.”

My Health Coach Says

His health coach Anamika Kashyap shared his treatment plan with us, She says,“Mr. Verma joined our program around 7-8 months ago. He had lost a lot of weight because of diabetes and he used to feel very under confident regarding his appearance. Our main focus was to bring his sugar levels under control and help him achieve a stable body weight.

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He was very irregular with his meals and meal timings. He used to have a heavy breakfast and skip his lunch. Then he used to have dinner at night. We asked him to change his dietary habits and become consistent with his meals. He was asked to have small and frequent meals to keep his sugar levels within the normal range.

Additionally, he was also asked to walk 10,000 steps in a day. All of these improvements together have helped him achieve remarkable results. He feels more confident now and it has been the greatest achievement for me.”

My Doctor Says

Dr. Prashant Dixit shared Mr. Verma’s treatment plan with us. He says, “When Mr. Verma joined our program, his sugar levels were very high. He is a Type 1 Diabetic and we had advised him to be on insulin. He thought that it would be a painful and taxing process. He showed a lot of reluctance in choosing insulin as a form of treatment.

I guided him on how insulin could positively impact his diabetes and what was the right procedure to take it. Gradually, he agreed to taking insulin and within a short span of time, he was able to see remarkable improvements.

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Not only his sugar levels, but also his physical stature has improved. He has gained back the weight that he had initially lost and it has instilled a sense of confidence in him. Now his insulin dosage has gone down and he doesn’t feel uncomfortable with the whole process.”

Impact On My Diabetes Markers

“Not only have I gained back my weight, I have also successfully brought my sugar levels within the normal range. My physical appearance has improved because of that and now I feel more confident than ever before.”

Fasting Reading500 mg/dL100 mg/dL
Post-Meal Reading120 mg/dL

Why BeatO?

After being satisfied with his results, he shared his feedback with us. He said, “Meri health coach ne mujhe meri journey pe kafi motivated rakha. Ab main aasani se unki saari advice follow kar leta hu aur meri diabetes control me rehti hai. Joh bhi insaan diabetes se jeetna chahta hai, usko BeatO Diabetes Care Program join karna chahiye.”

Mr. Verma’s story is a testament that Diabetes can significantly impact a person’s confidence, particularly when it leads to unintended weight loss. This physical change can be distressing, as it often signifies underlying health issues and can alter one’s appearance in ways that may not align with their self-image. The visible signs of weight loss can attract unsolicited comments and questions, making the individual feel self-conscious and vulnerable.

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Moreover, managing diabetes requires constant attention to diet, medication, and lifestyle, which can be overwhelming and contribute to a sense of losing control over one’s life. This combination of physical and emotional challenges can erode self-esteem and confidence, making it essential for individuals to seek support and maintain a positive self-view amidst the difficulties of living with diabetes. BeatO Diabetes Care Program helps an individual combat this chronic condition and also gain back the lost confidence.

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