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Best snack options for diabetics

Monitoring sugar levels when you have diabetes is very important.

The 3 keys to diabetes are medication, diet and exercise.

But certain medications or food can spike sugar levels. The major nutrients in food are carbs, proteins and fat. When we consume any food our body converts it into glucose. Glucose is used for energy and help the body’s functioning and day to day activities.

It is important to plan what you eat. If you have diabetes, you may need planning in terms of the food intake and snacking options.

Carbs are really quick in converting to glucose and is most commonly found in breads, pasta, potatoes and rice. Therefore should be avoided. Learning how to count carbs can help plan what you eat. Snacking is very important for diabetics as sugar levels tend to fluctuate more often for diabetics.

If you are taking insulin doses then this becomes even more essential. Your doctor may advise you to have snacks at certain times of the day in order to manage your sugar levels.

A few snacking options you could consider:

  1. Yogurt with berries: It is an excellent snacking option as it is rich in antioxidants and helps reduce inflammation. It also prevents damage to cells and the pancreas and helps lower blood sugar.
  2. Almonds or nuts: Almonds are high in nutrition and help control blood sugar in people with diabetes. Almonds are also heart healthy and help reduce bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol. But since almonds are high in calories, it is advisable to only consume a handful.
  3. Chia Seeds: Chia is a healthy snack option for diabetics as it is rich in nutrition and helps stabilize blood sugar levels. It is also rich in omega-3 and fibre.
  4. Flax Seeds: Flax seeds are considered a healthy seed as it is linked to omega-3 acid, and high fibre content. It is beneficial in improvement of cholesterol and triglyceride levels and beneficial for kidney health.Flax Seeds also contain ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) that is beneficial for cardiovascular health.
  5. Chickpeas: They are also called garbanzo beans, and are an incredibly healthy legume. Research says consuming chickpeas on a regular basis may help prevent progression of diabetes.

Food to avoid if you are a diabetic:

  1. Sweetened beverages: They are high in carbs and loaded with fructose which is linked to insulin resistance.
  2. Trans Fat: Mostly found in foods like peanut butter, frozen dinner etc they increase inflammation and contribute to belly fat.
  3. White bread:They are high in carbs commonly found in baked breads, pasta and refined flour.
  4. Fruit flavoured yogurt: As much as plain yogurt benefits, fruit flavored yogurt is to be avoided as they are made with non-fat or low fat milk and is loaded with sugar and carbs.

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