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Hridesh S.- “My fasting reading dropped from 350 mg/dL to 120 mg/dL with BeatO.”

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38 years old, Entrepreneur
Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

Mr. Hridesh Sharma, a 38-year-old resident of Aligarh, lives with his family in this historic city. In 2022, he received a life-changing diagnosis: Type 2 Diabetes. This news came as a complete surprise to Hridesh, who had been unaware of the chronic condition that had been affecting his health.

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Early Diagnosis And Treatment

He recalls his early diagnosis and shared, “2022 me mujhe kafi weakness mehsoos hone lagi thi aur kabhi kabhi chakkar bhi aa jata tha. Mujhe yeh sab normal nahi laga. Jab maine test karwaya toh pata chala ki mujhe Type 2 Diabetes hai. Mujhe iske baare me koi jankari nahi thi, isliye maine ussi waqt apne local doctor ko dikhaya.”

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He started taking the prescribed medicines and even started walking everyday. Despite all of these changes, he was not able to see any improvements in his sugar levels.

Introduction To The BeatO Diabetes Care Program

He got to know about BeatO through a family member. After analysing all the features, he decided to join the BeatO Diabetes Care Program in October 2023. He was suggested both lifestyle and dietary changes along with some medication. Initially, it was a little difficult for him to adhere to all the rules but gradually, he seamlessly integrated them into his routine.

My Health Coach Says

His health coach Himanshi Saxena shared his treatment plan with us. She says “When Mr. Hridesh Sharma joined our program, his HbA1c level was alarmingly high at 10.9%. To help bring his blood sugar levels within the controlled range, I recommended a high-fibre and low-carbohydrate diet.

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Previously, Hridesh’s diet included a significant amount of fried food, which can negatively impact blood sugar control and overall health. I advised him to reduce his intake of these foods and replace them with healthier alternatives such as fresh vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. Additionally, I encouraged him to incorporate daily physical activity into his routine by going for a walk every day.

These lifestyle modifications have yielded impressive results. With consistent effort and adherence to the suggested diet and exercise regimen, Hridesh has successfully brought his diabetes under control. His HbA1c level has decreased significantly from 10.9% to 6.9%. Along with better blood control, he has experienced an overall improvement in his health. He now feels more energetic and finds it easier to control his diabetes.

I am optimistic about Hridesh’s continued progress and look forward to further improving his health and well-being.”

My Doctor Says

His doctor shared his treatment plan with us. He says. “Mr. Hridesh Sharma joined our program a few months ago with primary concerns regarding his elevated blood sugar and cholesterol levels. After a thorough evaluation, I prescribed medications aimed at stabilising his blood sugar levels.

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In addition to the medication, Mr. Sharma followed the recommendations provided by his health coach, Ms. Himanshi Saxena. These recommendations included dietary adjustments, an exercise regimen, and other lifestyle changes tailored to his specific health needs.

The combined approach of medication and lifestyle modifications has been remarkably effective. Mr. Sharma’s blood glucose and cholesterol levels are now well-controlled, demonstrating significant improvement. Furthermore, he reports feeling more motivated and empowered to continue making positive health choices.”

Impact On My Diabetes Markers

After experiencing positive changes with the program, he shared his feedback with us, “Previously, I was experiencing a lot of itching in my body due to Diabetes. It was very difficult to sit during my work hours because of that. With the BeatO Diabetes Care Program, my sugar levels are under control and the itching has also gone away. I feel very relieved now.”

Fasting Reading350 mg/dL120 mg/dL
Post-Meal Reading300 mg/dL180 mg/dL

Why BeatO?

Mr. Hridhesh shared his feedback with us. He said, “Mujhe vishwas hi nahi hua ki mujhe BeatO ke program ke through itne kam time me itna fayda ho paya hai. Apna sugar control me laane ke baad main ab kafi khush rehta hu aur maine yeh program kafi logon ko recommend kiya hai.”

Controlling diabetes can be particularly challenging for working individuals, especially those with long working hours, due to several factors. The demands of a busy work schedule often leave little time for preparing healthy meals, leading to reliance on convenience foods that are typically high in sugars and unhealthy fats. Irregular meal times and prolonged periods without food can also cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

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Additionally, the stress associated with a demanding job can contribute to poor glucose control. Physical activity, crucial for managing diabetes, often takes a backseat due to the lack of time and energy. Furthermore, the need to constantly monitor blood sugar levels and take medication at the right times can be difficult to manage amidst a hectic workday, making it harder for individuals to maintain optimal control over their diabetes. BeatO Diabetes Care Program helps such individuals to effectively control diabetes from the comfort of their home.

Want to book an online health coach for your diabetes diet plan? BeatO has got your back, try out BeatO diabetes care program right now.

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