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Oats Laddu


  • Oats- 250g
  • Cashew nuts-half cup
  • Badam-10
  • Dates-10
  • Pistha-half cup
  • Jaggery-half cup
  • Ghee – 6-7 tsp
  • Elaichi powder- 2tsp


  1. First switch on the stove take the pan and pour ghee 6-7 tsp after heating
  2. Add one by one first oats, cashews, badam and pistha
  3. Add seedless dates (soaked in  hot water for half an hour)
  4. Take mixer grinder coarsely grind the entire mix
  5. Lastly add jaggery and elaichi powder
  6. Coarsely powder
  7. Make laddus. Enjoy

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Recipe by: R.V.Anusha 

*Note: Diabetics should not consume more than 1 ladoo in a day.

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